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Great flat will be given for rent to the employees of the corporate company by the Gonenç Real Estate Company located in Mugla Marmaris Center.


Great Flat For Rent

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Property Details

House for Rent

Great flat will be given for rent to the employees of the corporate company by the Gonenç Real Estate Company located in Mugla Marmaris Center. The apartment to be rented is 180 square meters. There are four bedrooms, living room, indoor kitchen, bathroom toilet, three balconies.The entrance to the apartment has a steel door There is a bedroom with a balcony. Bathroom has an electric kettle with shower cabin. The kitchen is all fitted of plain style.

In aditation, there are two rooms and a living room with a balcony next to the room. Security was installed on the rear balconies using security parcels for security purposes. Rent housing close to market, marina, shopping center is located close to the location. There is no problem in terms of transportation. The house sees the sun. The windows are double glazze.  Tiles and parquet were used on the floor. At the rental house has 18 beds, 3 carpets, 5 double seats, refrigerator and washing machine.

Rental Conditions

The rental property will be rent for the companies personels that work. The lease is made on behalf of the company owner. The lease term is one year. However, the contract is renewed with a legal increase every years. However, each renewal is issued by the tenant for eviction from the notary public. Electricity and water subscription is made on behalf of the tenant.

Subscription expenses belong to the tenant. The first month rent is paid in advance to the owner's bank account. Monthly rent amount is paid by specifying the deposit contract. Regular rental payments with the deposit are paid to the owner account. A delivery document is issued for the fixtures delivered and transferred to the tenant. In accordance with the floor property law, the tenant must comply with the apartment rules. Otherwise, the proprietor has the right to demand release.

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