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Ref No : 50 - Land for sale in Bodrum

Satilik Emlak


Land for sale in Bodrum. This land has building permission. It is available to build villas. Distance to beach is 900 meters.

Property is located 450m from the main road. Beach and 150m from the main road. No. 1-2 owned parcels of land zoned 3 30% parcel of agricultural field. There are two village houses of the registered title deed. Down to a depth of 69 meters active artesian water tank with a capacity of 35 tons and 12 meters deep water wells is available. Properties for sale 380 and 220 kW three-phase electricity and water, telephone, road are available for this plot. There are 200 pieces of land in the vicinity of adult trees for sale. For Sale surrounded by houses and duplex villas surrounded by the defendants. The opportunity is available around the construction area of ​​3500m2 closed area. Ministry of Tourism for parcel number 3 1/25.000 MM took into stain.

Gonenc Real Estate Ltd Sti

Land owners: property for sale in the current field type appears in the title deed, zoning arsaya with the arrival of the conversion price to be paid, the net flows into purchase and sale price and the sales tax in the price of demand. Maturity, swap acceptance.For a right sale procedure, dealing with the property owner receiving meeting shareholders.

Land Registry, on behalf of three people are registered. Shareholders of a piece 3/8 share, still 3/8 stock and 2/8 share, including all three also decided to sell. Please contact us for more information. For sale villas, detached houses, village houses gonencemlak's office to send your request to. Gonenc Real estate Company is to the same address since 1992. Head office of Gonenc Real Estate is located in Marmaris. Residential land for sale, for rent apartment, hotel, villas type properties list up dated every day. Ads are published Marmarisbox Newsletter. Membership is free.

Category: Land
Location: Bodrum Turgutreis
Price: 0 GBP
M2 18240


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