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Plot of land for sale Hisaronu Marmaris Mugla by Gonenc Real Estate.


Property For Sale Hisarönü Village

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Muğla Hisaronu

The land for sale in Marmaris Hisaronu was presented by Gönenç Real Estate Company in the area of ​​Koca-Kur. In Hisaronu, which is 25-30 minutes by car from Marmaris, a 1100m2 parcel was put up for sale. Road, water, electricity, a parcel located in the residential area is facing the road. There is a shed in the parcel in the Koca-Kur location. Private land in Hisaronufor sale has investment value. Way; is the registered cadastral road. Advantages and disadvantages in real estate for sale are like the dilemma of profit and loss. As the risk ratio increases, the profit margin increases.

For this reason, we should mention that it is a recommended property. The direction of the developments in the zoning plan illuminates the path of the investor. The price tag value of the land for sale in Hisaronu has also in a dynamic position according to this development. Hisarönü land for sale is shown under the supervision of our company representative. This process is carried out in accordance with the communiqué of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade, dated 8/7/2003, numbered SG-2003/59. A record is issued and information about the property is given, and its location is shown. As a requirement of secure shopping, buyer-seller mutual negotiation will be provided by us as a company principle.

Zoning Information

Datça Bozburun Plan Provisions are valid. Prior to the March 30 elections, by the Mugla Special Provincial Administration Directorate in 2008, G.D.Y.K. A regulation called the Transition Period Building Conditions was issued. According to this regulation, in the parcel of 400m2 and above, which has a border front to the cadastral road, If the parcel within the Village Settlement area, which is outside the scope of the Coastal Edge Law, that is 150 meters away from the sea, saves by residence or towing distances not greater than 85m2, apart-hotels could be built in two housing volumes.

It is included in the law that housing areas can be built. After the elections, responsible for the Special Provincial Administration Directorate has finished. Because; After the elections with the metropolitan law, Mugla became the Metropolitan Municipality.  Hisaronu Mahallesi is completely connected to Marmaris Municipality, including zoning works. The construction permit or construction completed, It is stated that the Building Permit will be issued by this institution.

Revision Plan

Suspended on April 30, 2014; The Datca Bozburun Revision Plan, whose objections have been completed, gave them hope that the development works will gain momentum. It created the expectation. When the revision plan consisting of 63 pages is examined, marginal agricultural areas attract attention. Protection is noticeable in traditional agricultural areas. The revision plan is arranged in balance, taking into consideration both nature and the benefits of those who live here, by considering past decisions, regulations, laws and decrees as a whole. We hope that the revision plan, which will be fully formed after the objections, will realize the effect that will prevent illegal construction. If the land we have mentioned above is 150 meters away from the sea in accordance with the coastal strip law, it is seen what rights it has if it is facing the cadastral road and within the scope of the site. The lack of one loses the claim over all of them. The process is ongoing.

We have been actively monitoring this process for more than 26 years. Just as it documents the license, license plate, owner, features, responsibilities of the vehicles, the license plate of a parcel is İ.D.B. Zoning Status Document. The document to be obtained from the municipality is the official document that answers all the questions. Already, if there is no such document, the buyer will not buy from the relevant authorities without research. Hisaronu and there is no reconstruction in other neighbouring villages. Reconstruction has not come. With the regulation, the fields, plots that have the above-mentioned criteria; has gained land status. Implementation of the 1 / 25.000 scale revision plan is expected to solve many problems.

Gonenc Real Estate Marmaris

The founders of our company operating in the real estate sector in 1992 benefited from the franchising system and served as Franchisor Agent. But; one year later by transferring our company shares, our own family company Gönenç Emlakcılık Ltd.Şti. By establishing, we have provides corporate consultancy services until today., which you have watched since 2005, is online. You can contact us for your questions and follow us on social media accounts opened on behalf of our company. Muğla Marmaris Gönenç Real Estate Company is presented real estate info by updating flats land villas and hotels from our portfolio. In addition to the land for sale in Hisaronu, you can find alternate properties in Marmaris.

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