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Commercial property for sale located in Marmaris.


Commercial Propery For Sale in Marmaris

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90sqm shop for sale located in 9 km to Marmaris. Commercial property for sale located in Marmaris. This property has run permission for commercial running. There are shops serving marble, engine accent, boat manufacturing, repair, carpenter and furniture business. There is a social facility open to the use of employees and guests.

Shop for sale located in new industrial site ready for use. Second-floor pulling is available. There are active businesses on the site. There are social facilities open to the use of employees and guests by customers. As it is known, the industry in the centre of Marmaris will end on an " X" day in the tourist resort. It will probably leave its place in a seven-star hotel.

So where is the site of industry future? The Taşhan project was designed in response to this question. The activities of the shops that provide services in the marble, window systems, engine accents, boat manufacturing, repair, carpentry and furniture business continues. But, the nine-kilometre distance was insufficient to meet expectations. However, it remains the only alternative.

Nevertheless, as Taşhan has no alternative, this property, which we recommend due to the high premium it will make in the future for investment purposes is an opportunity. Real estate is shown by requesting an appointment. Location point Agreement is made in accordance with the communiqué issued on 8 / July / 2003 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Information is given and the location is shown. There is no fee for this transaction. İf decided to buy the shop is ok, the buyer will be mutually negotiating to establish buying for safe with the property owner.

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