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Land for sale located in Datca included two independent apartments


Crest For Sale in Datca

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Datça Marmaris Turkey

Land for sale located in Datca included two independent apartments, each floor 100 m2 plot of 4.000m2 for sale in the back of the farmhouse. The road was taken. There is permission for construction. One Km is the distance from the centre of Datca. Safe shopping for the meeting with buyer-seller. The boundaries of the land by the representative of Gonenc Real Estate, location is shown. Farmland is ideal for those who dream of life. There is no objection to acquisition by foreigners.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities

There is no place left undiscovered on the Turkish coast. It is possible to say our word for the world. However, what is meant here is human beings. Well, have you seen and experienced the beaches of your country? Do you know its climate, socioeconomic, cultural structure, trade? Those escaping from the chaotic structure of big cities and the stressful lifestyle that wears people out take their breath on the beaches. Our district has become very popular in recent years. Its charm continues. We can say that Datca is one of the addresses of those who prefer a quiet life intertwined with history and nature. Demands that determine preferences increase the demand power. Despite everything, the real estate sector maintains its vitality. Therefore, real estate prices are constantly rising. The direction of the development indicates that the supply will contract in the near future. Therefore, real estate investment has a high premium potential. Property prices for sale in Datca are increasing. However, opportunities continue. Our company recommends that investors consider advantageous projects in this regard.

Datça Gonenc Real Estate

Provide Gonenc Real Estate consultancy services on the southern coast of Turkey for over 27 years. There are hundreds of our portfolio for sale ads. These properties for sale and rent list are updated regularly. Our company is a member of the Marmaris Chamber of Commerce since 1994. Our head office is located in Marmaris. Datca is popular in recent years, foreign sales companies, especially in the villas, summer houses, detached houses for sale offers. Foreigners can buy property in Datca. The procedure takes about three months. Please contact us for more information on this subject. Newsletter published regularly publishes information about the company's real estate industry news. Marmarisbox newsletter membership is free.

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