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The announcement has been made about flats for sale in Marmaris and real estate information in Muğla surroundings by Gonenc Real estate Company.


Flat For Sale in Marmaris

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Flat For Sale

Sold. The announcement has been made about flats for sale in Marmaris and real estate information in Muğla surroundings by Gonenc Real Estate Company. Close to the beach, on the third floor of the apartment above the ground floor, the sun-exposed flat for sale is offered for sale through our company. The duplex house, which does not have any expense, is ready for use. Flat For Sale in Marmaris; There is a steel door at the entrance of the apartment. The stair's lighting has sensors. It is shared when there are elevators, electricity, and cleaning expenses instead of regular dues.


There is an anteroom at the entrance of the apartment for sale. The solon with closed kitchen is bright and spacious. The large balcony front opening, which has an exit from the living room and bedroom, has the feature of comfortable use. There is a bathroom. When you go upstairs, there are two bedrooms, and a total of 175m2 living space with a shower cabin, bathroom, and toilet. Two terraces with front and rear facades are used exclusively for the flat. Gonenc Real Estate offered 200 meters of the beach flat for sale. The third floor flat has four bedrooms and of the plan, all fitted kitchen located an entrance to the large living room. The flat is facing the road. It is close to the bus station and is only 100 meters from the house. The entrance has a steel door.

Conditions of Sale

Sales are made with cash payments. Credit can be used. Since the tenant is found, an appointment is made and the apartment is shown by the company official. The process of showing the location is made in accordance with the Ministry of Industry and Trade 2003 dated 59 numbered notification. There is no charge for distances within the district. The action taken is documented. The location record is mutually signed by the company official and the buyer.

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Gonenc Real Estate

Our company has been providing professional consultancy services for over 29 years. We are the only consultancy company that has been providing real estate consultancy services at the same address since 1994 in the center of Marmaris. Our founders, who managed the company with franchising in 1992, brought today's Gönenç Real Estate company to the real estate sector in 1994. The combination of honesty, knowledge, experience, and experience is our place and vision in the sector. Let your compass be accurate information.

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