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Taking advantage of our professional support service gives you time and advantage. You are at the right address if you want your real estate to be sold quickly and for its value under suitable conditions. Our portfolio, which has been formed over the years, is constantly developing. Our company, which attaches particular importance to the reference system, is enriched by gaining new friends upon the recommendations of families who are satisfied with the service provided. As a matter of fact, mutual demands are refuted on the meeting platform of those who are looking for real estate and those who want to buy. Take advantage of our professional consultancy service for fast sales that are worthwhile.

Real estate consultancy

Muğla Marmaris Gönenç Real Estate Firm publishes your rental ads for sale, provides fast and valuable sales. Only deliver the property information you want to sell. Real Estate Consultant appraisal service then evaluates your sales request. Afterwards, announcements are sent to more than 5000 addresses through the subscription system from our data. Interviews are made with potential buyers face-to-face in real estate-specific work. If the conditions are suitable, good news will not be delayed.

Professional support

Knowledge and experience determine the quality of the service. The period of waiting for the customer to come to you is long over. The meeting coordinates of the caller and the giver are provided with knowledge and experience. Benefit from our savings. We have been managing the real estate sales process for over 26 years. Flat for rent, residential land type real estate ad site is online. Our detached house, village house plot advertisements are also up-to-date in our portfolio. We have to say that; Consulting helps for more profits. Please contact us for real estate for sale.

Electronic Registration

Our company has followed modern methods and technological developments with respect since the day it was founded. Our founders realized the first online company of Marmaris real estate market in 1992. When we established our own family business in 1994, we received service from the service provider company with membership. Our site, which operates with subdomains, was on the air for 9 years until 2003. 3.1 There have been important transformations from the years we used the Windows operating system to those days. Search engine Yahoo and Altavista rival fell behind of Google. When the customer typed the words to be used in the search engine, we terminated the contract with the decision we made when our site appeared on pages 12-15. Our first encounter with SEO work started in these years. Let's see how Kemal Gonenc the founder of the company, lived this year.


We did not have proper information about SEO or it was difficult to reach. We started to read articles in foreign language researches from college years. Besides office work, now nights were reserved to advance on this subject. After a while, I was stuck at the crossroads that went wrong but could not understand what was wrong. Information about the software was required. I decided to build the site myself. About five months later, while writing HTML code, I was on my way to learning utilities. I completed the first site. I didn't like it, I built it again. It was renewed seventeen times over the course of four months and took its final form.

Renewed Web Site

The site has developed and started broadcasting with Apaci5, using XHTML codes and CSS, in Turkish and English. In the meantime, we constantly improved ourselves by following the publications in our country. Our renewed site, which has been active for 15 years, was made compatible with smartphones two years ago. We received software support from Netbim in this regard. Except for the beginning, we have been running real estate consultancy and information technology together since 2008. When you look at the search engines within the scope of the local company, our situation is obvious. Everything is constantly changing and improving. Years ago, we saw that the classical trade would end and be replaced by modern methods. Our company has been spreading its postings from its own site for 26 years.


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