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This Island is for sale privately situated in Gokova Bay South West of Turkey where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean.


Island For Sale in Gokova Turkey

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Private Island, off the Turkish Turquoise Coast. 

Enjoy spending your vacation on a 93 acre (322,000 square meters) private Island, surrounded by olive and pine trees, untouched vegetation and natural beaches that will be yours and yours alone for one week.

This Island is for sale privately situated in Gokova Bay South West of Turkey where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. It is half a mile offshore and in close proximity to Turkish tourist paradise cities Bodrum and Marmaris. It is at two miles distance to another tourist attraction Island with fine sandy beaches, Cleopatra is said to camp with her entourage. If you would like privacy, you and your family can take walks or donkey riding on your Island, discover its wildlife, roe deer, wild goats, pheasants, partridges. Enjoy its beaches with crystal clear sea. You can fish, or just relax and enjoy the village fishermen lay their nets in the morning or the Blue Voyage tourist boats that pass by the Island every day.

You and your family can take a boat ride in your private speed boat, visit the fishing villages on the coast and enjoy the rustic restaurants offering Turkish meals and daily caught fish. 

If you like archaeology there are many archaeological sites dating back to Roman times within one and a half hours from the village. The most famous are Ephesus and the Church of Virgin Mary where she spent her later years and many others. We can arrange for transportation to these sites as well as transportation to the neighbouring cities for visits and shopping.

Younger sports enthusiasts who are interested in pushing the envelope can rock climb or cliff dive off Island’s 150 feet height.

If you have skin diving enthusiasts in your family, the sea on the east side of the Island that quickly reaches a hundred and fifty feet deep hides sunken galleons from Roman times that used to transport wines to Rome in clay containers. Some of these containers can even be seen from the surface.

The accommodations on the island are rustic so as not to disturb its untouched vegetation and to blend with its natural beauty. The basic package offered is meals, lodging, a private speed boat for your enjoyment and all other activities that nature offers. 

Activities outside the Island, such as trips away from the island can be at additional cost. There are numerous coves to explore in Gokova Bay along the coast, especially in a smaller boat.

Other facilities near the Island that you could enjoy: Rustic Restaurants in the fishing village across the bay Small marina where Blue Voyage boats spend the night Sailing club for small children Several Islands and bays to visit including other Island Rock Climbing, Parasailing. Windsurfing Snorkeling.

*Treasure Diving
*(There are not any government restrictions in bringing out to Surface
your archaeological findings during your diving expeditions. However, taking them out of the Country is prohibited). 

Nearest Airport, Dalaman Airport, 1 hour 15 minutes drive to the Island. Free pick up service is provided. Flight arrangements will be made by your travel agent. Please contact for further info.

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