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Faced to road plot of land for sale located in Bayır Village.


Land For Sale Bayır Village

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Property Details

Bayır Village

Land for sale is located in Selimiye Bayır road. The parcels have points and the title deed. It consists of two separate plots, with a path limit, slightly inclined, close to the Waterfall. Easy to reach, electricity available has the ideal property for investment.

Zoning Plan

Bayır neighbourhood was removed from village status after the local elections of 30 March. When the number of registered public is 500 and above, the administration system is changing. All these developments were after Muğla Province has been as the Big City Municipality. The application for license settlement and similar procedures is Marmaris Municipality. The authorities previously belonged to the Special Provincial Administration.

Datça Bozburun Plan Provisions are in general terms. Laws issued over time are considered as a whole with the regulations. As a matter of fact, when Mugla has been  Central Provincial Municipality, one month after the 1 / 25.000 scale revision reconstruction plan was approved. Then the Law on the Land was submitted. İmar Peace gives the legal status to the buildings which are in a fugitive situation in the region. The precise information for the land for sale will be obtained from Marmaris Municipality related Department.

Zoning Status Certificate

When you want to sell your vehicle, you will want to see what the buyer tells you. Model, age, engine power, type of chassis number and many features are officially specified in the license. The same applies are the same when selling real estate. If you want to sell your land İ.D.B. You should get a Zoning Status Certificate. This is shown in your registered license of the plot. This certificate is shown in terms of the plan with the construction trail is located in all the features. For quickly for sale your land we recommend receiving İ.D.B, which has the feature of accelerating. 

We strongly recommend that the pre-sales location is determined by using the pile driving method or the GPS with the engineer. Except for malice, Maybe we are confronted with property owners who don't know the boundaries of the place they sell wrongly.

Gonenc Real Estate

Our company was founded on 01.01.1994 in Marmaris Center. Since the establishment of our company, we provide real estate consultancy services in the region. Our service area is the coastal zone from Mugla to Datça to Fethiye. It is possible to view the information on our portfolio from smartphones. Newly announced for sale real estate property information is announced from our company blogs and news sites. You can follow us through our social media accounts. The resale properties and brand new offers for sale are listing. Take advantage of our portfolio about the detached house, village house. Our company gives you advice for investment.

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