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Land for sale located in Ula Gokova Mugla is Incredible investment opportunities offered by Gonenc Real Estate


Land For Sale in Ula Gokova

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Land for sale located in Ula Gokova Mugla is Incredible investment opportunities offered by Gonenc Real Estate Plot is 19000 sqm. Distance to Mugla is 15km. Plot has face to cadastre road. It means that possibility for building permission when planned is realized.

As an important opportunity for investors, the land for sale offers detailed information about Ula Şirinköy. Muğla Gökova Şirinköy, which is connected to Ula, was established in 1996 on the hillside. The former name is Çanakçı Village. There are no tourism facilities and tourism activities in the village where 120 households live. However, real estate sales are due to the fact that the sale of property to foreigners is free.

In the village preferred by those who want to live with nature, according to the census results of 2012, 219 people were population. There is electricity, internet, tv, telephone. The settlement type is a scattered village. Muğla 30km, Ula 20km, Gokova 5km and 1.5km from Akçapınar are connected to each other asvalt road. There is no transportation problem. The land prices for sale in Şirinköy which has a postal code of 48640 is reasonable compared to other villages.

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Our company was founded in 1994 in Marmaris. Mugla Marmaris environment and provides consulting services in the southern coast of Turkey. Muğla Ula Şirinköy real estate properties for sale are list in Gönenç Real Estate. Firm gives Not only the land in our knowledge bank also apartments for sale in Marmaris and a detailed description of real  real estate in Turkey. Professional counseling quality is determined by the service given.

The founders of our company started to operate in the real estate sector in 1992, then they established the first on-line company of Marmaris with the franchesing system for a year. Following the experience, our family company has been established for over than 25 years and it is still active. Our company's important capital, honesty, knowledge and experience is our vision of a combination. It is importan us to come to these days without changing our principles under any condition. We are committed to work with the reference system.When choosing a consultant, you should pay attention. This is so important. 

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