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Land for sale in Gokova with high premium potential in terms of investment in Turkey by Gonenc Real Estate Company.


Land For Sale İn Gokova Turkey

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Gokova Turkey

Land for sale in Gokova with high premium potential in terms of investment in Turkey. Flat, arable land close to the main road. Due to the fact that it is near the zoning border, it is possible to enter the zoning area in the future. The property is suitable for the purpose of investment.

It was possible to enter for in the time of the Special Provincial Administration in the context of the transition period construction conditions valid within the borders of Muğla province. In this case, it has the potential to build 85m2 base house construction. However, the revision plan followed a change. The administration of the Muğla Province Metropolitan Municipality System was carried out by the law after the local elections. Information on the latest developments in the development can be obtained from the relevant department. Real estate appointments are made by our head office company.

Zoning Status Certificate

This document is a catalyst effect that accelerates the sale of land. The vehicle license identifies your vehicle with the specifications it specifies. The Zoning Status Document provides information about the real estate you have. So how to get it. You must apply to the Directorate of Municipal Affairs with a petition. The approved diameter document is may taken from the licensed Harısta Office. The payment is calculated based on the real estate value.

For example, when you try to sell your land, it is not enough to give information That  how much information you give him. You want to do research to correct doubts about the accuracy of the information. Interrogation is not easy. At least you cannot follow up in the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, if you do not have any power of attorney in the Municipality. You must take the owner  with you. However, this document allows you to get things done quickly.

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