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Suitable for investors,  agricultural  land for sale in Muğla Yerkesik was offered to the real estate market by Gonenç Real Estate Company.


Land for sale in Mugla

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Land For Sale

Suitable for investors,  agricultural  land for sale in Muğla Yerkesik was offered to the real estate market by Gonenç Real Estate Company. Plot has easy access. Parcel has border to road. Electricity, water, telephone, such as infrastructure services are available. Light batter has the property of flat land. There are 35-40 adult olive trees within the land. One side of the plot is the main road boundary. The parcel also has a second border of road front. There are expectations that construction permits will be available in the near future in with ongoing zoning studies. In terms of investment value, this type of real estate has the type of potential for investment.

Mugla Yerkesik

It has a history dating back to the III'hrd century BC. It is known that The city of Caria was a small commercial city during the Roman Byzantine period. Yerkesiği was named after the Anatolian Seljuks and Menteşe. Later on, Oguz Boyları formed a new settlement in the mountainous areas of the region. The villages known as Dağarası were formed.

Trade and craft were developed and they became the center of the region. He kept his importance in the Ottoman erea. In 1914 he became a parish named as Bucak System. After the local elections in March 30, Muğla Province has been the Big City Municipality. The provisions of the Datça Bozburun Plan shall apply in terms of zoning. Revision development plan is approved. Work continues.

Gonenc Real Estate

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