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Our company made a statement to the real estate sector about the land for sale in Bayır Osmaniye, which has the registered road in the cadastre.


Land For Sale in Osmaniye

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Real Estate For Sale in Bayır

Our company made a statement to the real estate sector about the land for sale in Bayır Osmaniye, which has the registered road in the cadastre. The plot has the advantage of high sqm. The land in the forest where the residences are located was offered to the market as an opportunity for investors. The parcel of 19.696 square meters is located at a distance of 2.000 meters from the Şelale location, 1000 meters from the Bayır centre and 1.100 meters from the main road. There are 20 houses around it. There are adult olive trees and a house on the land. The title deed was registered as an olive grove and house. The immovable has the feature of using it for various purposes. For example, It is Ideal for the farm.

Land Investment in the Region

Buyers who are considering a land investment should have a structure that will read the future and analyze the development of the region. Because there is a need to evaluate the information for interpretation by looking at the general trend of new projects and the development direction of supply and demand movements. Effective support is needed for investment consultancy. No rental income is generally expected for the money paid. Because it can be said that it is difficult to find tenants if the land is not available in the city, in places other than the port-customs zones or in large areas of construction materials sales volume. In order to invest in land, settlement density conditions such as roads, bridges, new projects, dam or lake basin forests, green areas are effective. It will be the right choice to make an investment focused on the result by evaluating all of them. Housing, business type real estate investment requires the right choices. The most important advantage for the land is that the parcel is high square meters. If the road registered in the cadastral map has a border front to the parcel, there is an advantage in prerequisites for successful investment.

Control is Essential

It is necessary to control the residence or workplace by looking at the relevant municipality, cadastre and title deed information. However, looking at the diameter of the plot and evaluating its facades, the diameter sketch, on the map requires minimum expertise. The zoning status should be learned in detail. In fact, it accelerates the control process by obtaining a zoning status certificate for the seller land. If the plot has been zoned, the length and width of the building to be built on it, the design will come out as a result of the skill of detailed thinking with the information provided. Land investment in the centre and its surrounding region is different from housing investment. The high rate of profit ratio is important.

Consulting Support

Our company is the leading consultancy company providing consultancy services in the region since 1994. Not everyone can choose to invest money in the land. Because there is a return for making possible mistakes. The important thing is to determine the timing parameters by choosing the right place for investment. There is always a risk of investment. Because profit and loss are brothers. The higher the risk, the higher the rate of profit with its multiplier effect. Behind successful results research information gathering evaluation analysis processes. In other words, labour that requires patience is on the back of the visible. For this reason, expert real estate consultancy support adds strength to the buyer. In the light of solid grounds and justifications for decision making, the achievement of feasibility provided by risk analysis paves the way for investment.

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