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Our company has presented land for sale in Selimiye with a zoning of 1700 square meters facing the road registered with the cadastre.


Land For Sale in Selimiye

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Real Estate For Sale in Selimiye

Our company has presented land for sale in Selimiye with a zoning of 1700 square meters facing the road registered with the cadastre, within the scope of the opportunity for investors. Real estate has the zoning plan permit for erect a house. It is far from the sea but suitable for use in nature, for various purposes. The farm is suitable for requests such as growing valuable fruit. Telephone, water, electricity, road infrastructure system is available. There are residences around the land for sale in Selimiye. It is possible to apply for a two-storey residence or aparthotel. For reasonably priced real estate and showing the place on an appointment for the plot is provided to keep a record. The mutual meeting of the interested parties with the owner is provided by the company official.

Selimiye Zoning Status

Cadastral work started in the Selimiye region in 1989. In 2008, the Muğla Provincial Special Administration Directorate has accelerated the construction with the regulation. In a sense, it was tried to prevent illegal construction. The most important condition in this construction is to have a parcel front to the public cadastral road. One of the other conditions was the indispensable condition of being outside the towing distance within the coastal edge line. After the legal structure was completed, if it was carried out in accordance with the project, the building use permit of the Y.K.İ.B was obtained. In all applications, Muğla Provincial Special Administration Directorate was able to use its authority in this direction. However, the transition period ended after a while.

Metropolitan Municipality

After the local elections, the authority of Muğla Provincial Special Administration Directorate in this direction was obtained in accordance with the law numbered 20594, published in the Official Gazette numbered 28606 on 02/04/2014. Where will the license get from when the buildings under construction are completed? How and from whom will the construction permit be obtained? The questions found their answers without any confusion. By this reason, It was expected that the development works in Selimiye would accelerate. As a matter of fact, rapid development was observed in the sector.

Revision Plan

Our company team, which has been following Marmaris Selimiye real estate sector closely for 26 years, continues to make regular evaluations. Datça Bozburun Plan Revision has been suspended with a 1 / 25.000 scale presentation. The suspension period ended on 30/04/2014. After the appeals were received, the plan was approved and put into effect. Many issues were clarified in this way. When 63 pages of information are examined on the screen page, it shows that careful work has been done. Let us state that we got the impression that Marginal Agricultural Areas are handled with great importance. In addition, as part of the land reform, the law restricting the division of inherited agricultural lands was passed. In terms of general tendency, it is noteworthy that conventional agricultural areas are protected more carefully. Controlled permission for construction activities can be considered very beneficial for public benefit. We follow the revision of the plan and the developments that occur afterwards.

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