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1196 sqm plot of land is for sale located in Sogut Marmaris by Gonenc Real Estate Company.


Land For Sale in Sogut Village

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Property For Sale in Sogut

1196 sqm plot of land is for sale located in Sogut Marmaris by Gonenc Real Estate Company.  The land for sale in Söğüt, which is the front line of the cadastral road, which is 45-50 minutes away from the centre of Marmaris, has been put on the market. The plot with a road record on the cadastral map and the boundaries of which are determined is legally permitted for construction. It is possible to build housing. However, two-storey houses can be built. With the transfer of Muğla Province to the Metropolitan Municipality administration system, the construction and usage licenses are given by the Marmaris Municipality. For the pre-sales control, detailed information can be obtained from the Municipal Science Affairs Directorate. It has been determined that the distance of the parcel to the sea on the map is 1500 meters. The buyers are informed by showing the land for sale in Söğüt by the company official. This process is done in accordance with the legal protocol.

Buying Property For Foreigners

Foreigners are available to purchase land in the Sogut. However, it is possible to buy the company on behalf of the company or a foreign company partner. While nearly a few days on behalf of foreigners to buy property, on behalf of the company, this process takes place only within a day. Today, citizens of countries with a remuneration agreement can buy property in Turkey. When the parcel is within the borders of the municipality, there is no harm in purchasing it.

Zoning Regional Plans

Due to the regulation enacted in 2008, construction in the region accelerated. In a sense, the construction of illegal oil was prevented. There is a building permit issued by the Provincial Special Administration Directorate for this parcel. Third-degree natural site, third-degree archaeological site, 1/25.000 scale Datca Bozburun Environmental Plan Provisions are valid. Foreigners' purchase of land depends on the criteria. However, it is possible to buy on behalf of the company or a foreign partner company. While it takes three months or more to buy real estate on behalf of foreigners, this process takes place in just one day on behalf of the company.

With the zoning works of Muğla being the Metropolitan Municipality, the villages with a population of more than 500 became neighbourhoods. Construction permits will be issued by the municipality. As a matter of fact, the Municipality is authorized since the 1/25,000-scale revision zoning plan has been approved and Söğüt has been declared a neighbourhood. Information can be obtained from the municipality about granting or not granting a construction permit. Contact us for detailed information about real estate. For this purpose, please send your questions about the advertisement.

Zoned Plots

Mugla environs and Söğüt land for sale and real estate advertisements, land villa detached house village house zoned parcel advertisements are posted on our site. Investment opportunities continue in the region. Our company actively maintains real estate consultancy services on the southern coasts of Turkey. Our head office has been at the same address since 1994. We are members of the chamber of commerce. Our portfolio, which has a wide portfolio, publishes hundreds of advertisement information. Reconstruction works in the region are still continuing. Therefore, real estate investment opportunities are on the radar of investors. It is preferred because the lands have high premium potential.

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Gonenc Real Estate Turkey property for sale provides consultancy services to the southern shores of prosperity. Our head office is located in Marmaris. Since 1994 member of the Marmaris Chamber of Commerce. With a large portfolio of rental property for sale from hundreds of published information. Interactive data bank information is regularly updated. Prosperity to the southern shores of Marmaris real estate for sale and rent apartment island village homes housing villa plot of hotel information, the site is constantly updated in real estate ads.

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