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Facing to forrest agriculturel land for sale located in Mugla Ula.


Plot of Land For Sale in Ula

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Property Details

Land For Sale

A field for sale in Sarayyanı village located in Ula district, which is 14 km away from Muğla. This settlement is known as Sarayyanı Village since it was located next to the palace that was built in the past and then collapsed. As the population exceeds 500 people, it is in the neighbourhood administration system as required by law. It is in the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality system. It belongs to Ula Municipality.


Facing to Forrest agricultural land for sale located in Mugla Ula. The plot of land is 8770sqm. Mugla is 14 km away from the reach of the town farm for sale in the village of Sarayyanı. State forest land is adjacent to the bottom as well. Flat is located in the appropriate field for planting. The land is near electricity. The plot is watered with water 12-14 meters deep water-pump be removed without any problem. Ula town of Marmaris, Mugla road in two towns within 3km distance from the village consists of 24 units. Tourism as a centre of Marmaris close. Because the price is appropriate, we recommend the real estate, short, medium-term investment is suitable.

Zoning Position

The lower part of the parcel we have put up for sale is neighbour with the state forest. The field suitable for cultivation is in a flat position. There is electricity near the real estate. Since the real estate is a wetland, water can be extracted by artesian from 12-14 meters deep. As is known, parcels without border frontage on the road are not suitable for residential construction. If the facade limit is found in the re-plan works, its location changes. However, a court can give road as a result of the lawsuit for the right of legal passage. For the activity can be continued for the purpose of agricultural land in Ula has possible.

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