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Our company was presented to the real estate market as an opportunity by making explanations about the Dalyan house for sale, especially for foreigners.


Property For Sale in Dalyan

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Our company was presented to the real estate market as an opportunity by making explanations about the Dalyan house for sale, especially for foreigners. The summer house attracts attention with its reasonable price. Dalyan summer house for sale has two bedroom living room, American kitchen, bathroom, toilet and large balcony. Insulation was made due to the hot climate. Heat glass is preferred in window systems. It is aimed to protect against sound, heat and moisture.

Dalyan home for sale first-class tiles was used on wet floors. There are a functional swimming pool and parking lot. The house sees the sun all day long. It is easy to access and suitable for a mortgage loan. It is twenty minutes from Dalaman airport and two minutes from the centre of Dalyan. The house offered for sale is shown by appointment, detailed information is provided. The owner and suitors are negotiated mutually for safe shopping.

Buying A House For Foreigners

We have real estate sales to foreigners in the southern coast of Turkey and Dalyan real estate market and we provide professional consulting services. Selling property to foreign requires experience and knowledge. So how is this process managed? Citizen of Turkey in every foreign land can not buy residential villas. Because there is a reciprocity principle. That is, the existence of a protocol that provides mutual property is required. Unfortunately, if there is no agreement between the States, the citizen of that country cannot buy the property. However, the mutual agreement does not mean that the foreigner can purchase real estate from anywhere.

Ownership Requires Process

Turkey's military forbidden-zones and protected areas prohibit the sale of places in similar positions. Every Turkish citizen can buy immovable property. Transactions are completed in one day. Until recently, it was possible for foreigners to conclude sales within two to four months. With the regulation made, the time has now been shortened. It is known that the duration is longer in some countries.

Sales Transaction Rules

If the citizen negotiated with the landlord and gave a deposit, the sales process begins. A file containing information about the home and the recipient is prepared. This file house title-deed, building license, sales protocol, and a copy of the receipt paid to the bank are included. In addition, a notarized document prepared by the sworn translator is added to the recipient's passport information. For the seller, identity information, a map indicating that the house is outside the forbidden area, as well as descriptive information indicating distances from the police station, school, sea and similar are requested. It is possible to join a real estate company or offices for preparation. Documents must be prepared by notary registered translator.

Sales Process Application

Transactions are made under the supervision of our company's official. File preparation service and notary payments, the translator fee pay by the recipient. The prepared file is given to the Land Registry Office. A password is obtained to follow the file. Upon completion; the file is sent back. If the decision is positive, the seller is invited and the sale is made within the same day. During the sale are carried out under the supervision of a sworn translator at the Land Registry Office.

Safe Trade

If the file is returned by asking for additional documents as a result of the review, the file may need to be prepared again. Or a negative response may appear with the file not approved. As the sale will not take place, the deposit is given back to the buyer. In order not to have any problems in this regard, it is the safest way to block to deposit. This issue must be clearly stated in the sales protocol. It is safe to make the agreement with a lawyer together with a sworn translator. If the buyer stops buying; the deposit is not returned. If the seller stops selling, the deposit will be returned. The buyer can claim for compensation.

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