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Close to beach two-bedroom, American kitchen, bathroom, toilet and large balcony rental house are available for rent in the centre of Marmaris.


Rental homes in Marmaris

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Property Details

Marmaris Rental Property

Marmari's brand-new furnished rental apartment with two bedrooms, an American kitchen, a bathroom, a toilet, and a large terrace balcony, close to the bazaar and the beach was launched by our Company. The completely renovated 85 square meter residence located on the fourth floor of the building, which has a façade to the main road, will be rented. The house, which has two bedrooms, an open kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and terrace, is open on both sides and has sunshine all day long. The house has an urban view. The beach is ten minutes walk away. First-class tiles are used on wet ground, and heat glass is used in the steel door and window systems at the entrance. The living room and bedrooms are made of parquet. The bedroom ceiling is bright because of the sky view. American Kitchen has been chosen for the convenience of using apartments for rent in the center of Marmaris. The apartment consists of two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a toilet, and a balcony. It has a zoning peace registration document.

Conditions of Contract

The contract period is limited to one year. However, periods can be extended by mutual agreement. In this case, monthly payments are increased according to TUIK's annual consumer index. Electric and water subscriptions belong to tenants on a procedural basis. The property's owner is not responsible for the expenses arising from the subscription registration. However, the DASK payment belongs to the host. It is obliged to give a copy of the insurance policy. Payments are made regularly at times. Expenses such as paint whitewash can not be requested from the owners of the property. This house is delivered as received. The deposit key will be returned after delivery. 

House Prices

Marmaris and its surrounding housing rental prices have increased in recent years. Today's rental fee is almost or even above the rent salary of employees with minimum wage. Of course, this price is valid for second-hand housing. New 2 + 1 apartments start from 3,500-TL per month. So why did rental prices go up? We can say that it is entirely due to market conditions. There isn't a parcel to erect as housing. Brand new apartments are provided with urban transformation. Under the current circumstances, this problem seems unsolvable. It seems that the rise in prices will continue. In the simplest sense, the increasing demand for chronic supply against zero is the reason for rising prices. As the new zonings area is not a place to open, we say that as soon as you buy a house you will win. Close to the beach two-bedroom American kitchen bathroom toilet and large balcony rental house are available for rent in the centre of Marmaris.

Consulting Firm

We have been operating as a leading real estate company in this region. Unfortunately, there are no physical conditions for making a rich presentation about this rental house. Especially, we live in a period when rental-house, which comes in the morning, is rented at noon. Aside from the high prices, property owners are very selective in terms of tenant profile. They are right about this. Because the attorney's, foreclosure, and court expenses for the ones who do not pay their rent are proximately 5,000-30,000 TL. In addition, the outcome is uncertain and the best possible problem-solving will be six months over. We witness evacuation cases that have been going on for less than nearly two years. Attention is given to profession and social status, which shows the payment-ability to pay. Please report your requests about this ad. It is recommended to leave your request.

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