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Unfurnished rental apartments will be rented by Gonenc Real Estate for families.


Rental Properties in Marmaris

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Property Details

Marmaris Rental Housing

A flat for rent in Marmaris on Yeni Yol Caddesi was offered by Gonenc Real Estate Company for annual rental to the real estate sector. The flat on the third floor of the apartment building is close to the marina, market, school, shopping center, and beach. For Aksaz staff, the distance to the shuttle bus is 2 minutes. The apartment, which is monitored with a camera system for security, has a steel door at the entrance of the apartment.


There is an entree at the entrance to the apartment. There are two bedrooms on the right. The bathroom is quite large. The bathroom has a bathtub, washing machine, sink, and closet. Hot water is provided with an electric heater. The hall is quite large. Since daily life is spent here, preference has been used in this direction. As seen in the pictures, for available to use there are round tables, 2 armchairs, and two console shelves.

General Features

The kitchen is open type and it is possible to use with a refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. The house has a 130m2 usable area and it is a bright and spacious apartment with a nature view, facing the New Path. It is only rented to families. For Turkish citizens, It is possible to rent to singles provided that they are officers and commissioned officers.

Rental Conditions

Annual advance payment is requested. After the lease is issued, the electricity and water subscription will be made in the name of the tenant. Turn-key is given only after this process is completed. The first month, and subsequent months, are regularly deposited into the owner's bank account given on the day. It is forbidden to take and give rent paid by hand.

General Conditions

Notary evacuation commitment is requested from the notary. The expense belongs to the tenant. If the parties agree, the contract period is extended by giving a new contract, a letter of evacuation, and by making a legal increase. In accordance with the conditions, the rental period can be extended for years. In the apartment, dues are paid each month in return for receipts and cleaning expenses. The tenant accepts this condition without any objection to the hikes to be made. The apartment for rent in Marmaris has been whitewashed. Electricity and water indexes are determined and delivered without debt. A deposit of up to one month's rent is required. In order to show the house, Gönenç Real Estate Company has responsibility. There is no fee for this.

Turkey Marmaris Gonenc Real Estate

Our company was established on 01.01.1994 in Marmaris. The company headquarters has been operating at the same address since its establishment. Muğla Marmaris rental apartment information and suitable rental conditions are made at the current prices of residences. In recent years, the market has been problematic due to the housing deficit. Prices have risen. However, it is observed that officers, commissioned officers, teachers, and bankers are preferred more for property owners. The annual advance lease system is becoming widespread due to the banks' ease of lending. Our company offers for sale apartments for rent, land, villa, island, village, and hotel real estate properties. If you cannot find a rental house with the property you are looking for in our portfolio, please leave your request. When new rental flats are available for you, you have the advantage of obtaining information.


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