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Flat for rent located in center of the Marmaris


Rental Property in Marmaris

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Property Details

Turkish Property For Rent

Rented. A Siteler house for rent located close to the beach is on the third floor of a three-storey building facing the road. The residence, located close to the park and beach, is ideal for working families. Marmaris rental flat owner is rented to those who accept the conditions including officers, bankers, and public office without discrimination. In recent years, the popularity of the Sites for rent has increased considerably. However, despite this, there is a significant contraction in the housing supply. It's not just because it's close to the beach. Due to the exhaustion of the plots for sale, no new structures are built. The houses, which have been constructed in very few numbers individually, were built by the urban transformation. This means that the prices are high due to the high cost of the land share.

Contract Conditions

A one-year contract is available. However, if the landlord and the user of the house agree, the contract is extended for one year. The monthly payment is increased up to the TUIK annual CPI rate. the application can be repeated every year. A deposit is required in order to cover possible negativities due to reasons such as lack of the delivered fixtures. If there is no problem with the delivery of the house, the owner returns the deposit amount. The deposit is taken as security. For foreigners, a residence permit approved by the governorship is required. In addition, the police headquarters are informed. It is essential to return the property as it was delivered. Please call for more information. Real estate is shown by the company official.

Housing Marketing

All our advertisements are presented electronically. In our portfolio, information is given about renting a house in Muğla surroundings, Siteler for rent and Marmaris rental flats. Social media is used effectively. It is possible to follow the accounts opened on our behalf. If you cannot find a house with the qualifications you are looking for, please report your request anyway. When there are houses with suitable features for you, you will benefit from the priority of obtaining information. It is used in all methods of digital marketing requirements. Modern techniques have been adopted in order to reach the potential target audience we have determined. Please report your questions about the rental property.

Gonenc Real Estate

Gonenc Real Estate located in Marmaris Turkey has been offering consultancy services in the real estate industry since 1994. Real estate apartment for rent land for residential real estate for sale in Marmaris prosperity declared sites have in the current portfolio. Land type, as well as residential villas, houses, and hotels for sale information, is available. Marina hotel housing land zoned available for sale.

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