Seaside Holliday Homes For Sale in Fethiye // Gonenc Real Estate

120 sqm luxury holiday homes for sale located in Fethiye Mugla.


Seaside Holliday Homes For Sale in Fethiye

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Flat For Sale

120 sqm luxury holiday homes for sale located in Fethiye Mugla. It is close to the seashore. It is the second floor of a two-storey house, with large balconies and is easy to access. Duplex apartment for sale on the second floor of a two-storey building, 75 meters from the sea. Duplex apartments with large terrace balconies, living spaces are used appropriately, high quality, easy to access, close to the shopping centre. It was built in accordance with earthquake regulations. It complies with the housing loan criteria. Therefore, you can take advantage of mortgage sales by using a housing loan.

Real Estate Investment

Investments in residences pay off in the long run. Your money will not go to waste. As long as you decide at the right time and place, buy your house. It is possible to gain an advantage by using a mortgage loan with the mortgage sales method. In our opinion, the most suitable loan period is the use of a 60-month term loan. In this regard, it is appropriate to expect the most suitable interest rates. So what should you do during this waiting period? It is to manage the troublesome process such as collecting information, researching, questioning, evaluating and analyzing as much as possible. Or the other way is to get service by meeting with an expert real estate agent. The results of the decisions made without errors on the spot bring results. The investment made will surely return to you with a profit return. Among the stock market, gold, foreign exchange and new capital products, there is no instrument that provides as much profit as real estate investment.

Fethiye Gonenc Real Estate

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