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The unplanned plot of land is for sale located in Selimiye Village by Gonenc Real Estate.


The Unplanned Land Is For Sale in Selimiye

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Land For Sale In Selimiye

The unplanned plot of land is for sale located in Selimiye Village by Gonenc Real Estate. The plot for sale is 676 sqm. This land is forbidden to sell to foreigners. Because it is out of the municipality zone. Under 5.000sqm it is not available for building permission.

Selimiye Zoning Plan

Muğla Special Administration Provincial Directorate G.D.Y.K. As it is known, the new regulation on Transition Period Construction Conditions has given many lands the status of residentially zoned land. The real estate put up for sale is; K.G.A remains within the boundaries of the Village Development Area. Since one of the criteria required for house construction is to have a minimum surface area of ​​5,000m2, the property remains within the land concept. Work accelerated with the 1/25.000 scaled Revision Development Plan. When Muğla Province passed to the metropolitan municipality administration system, the construction permit authority was given to Marmaris Municipality. However; Construction permits are not yet granted for parcels that do not have a frontage to the cadastral road.

Showing the Land to Buyers

The most important issue is whether the place shown to the buyer is correct. Our company principle in this regard is to make the determination by a private line engineer or cadastre officer, even if the buyer and seller agree. This is done by GPS or pile driving. Payment of the fee is subject to buyer-seller agreement. Our company reminds both parties of this issue, informs and advises. Otherwise, no liability can be accepted. Not only the location, but also the zoning status is important. Whatever the vehicle license is, the IDB (Zoning Status Certificate) has the same feature for the parcel. It is correct that this document was obtained from the municipality by the seller.

Selimiye Real Estate Investment 

However, despite this; however, real estate has value. Almond can be used for various purposes such as growing an olive tree, placing a beehive, and using it with a caravan. Whereas; As new value will be created when the zoning works are completed, the investment can be viewed positively in terms of potential. You want to ask; We can provide more detailed information about the land for sale in Selimiye. Land cadastral application has been completed and is officially registered.

Selimiye Marmaris Gonenc Emlak Real Estate

Our company, which has been providing professional consultancy services for over 27 years, attaches special importance to Marmaris surroundings and Selimiye Village. Our interest is directly proportional to the demand since it is within the scope of the regions that create their own demand in the real estate sector. Our site, which is an interactive information bank, creates a meeting platform for buyers and sellers. Your suggestions, criticisms, comments and requests are a contribution to the richness that will determine the direction of the platform. Please submit your requests.


  • 37km from Marmaris
  • 70km Dalyan (Caunos-Turtle Beach)
  • 90km  Dalaman Airport
  • 140km  Bodrum Airport
  • 250km Izmir
  • 225km Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)

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