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Village house for sale located at the end bozburun peninsula.


Village House For Sale

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Marmaris Turkey

45 minutes by car away from the Sogut Village in Marmaris, and the title of official state title deed made of masonry house and land registration as a legal status, for sale. Village 15 minutes walk to the sea, is only 2 minutes away from the village center. 385sqm to 244sqm and consists of two pieces of land stocks. Village officer made with the approval of modifications.

Village house in the road map, the path is registered. In nature, electric, water and road infrastructure services such as legal status, the village house at the same time have a position suitable for the purpose of investment. Especially recommended for a reasonable price that we have in the type of real estate. Safe sales process is, by the representative of Real Estate affluent home is shown. People who like face to face with the owner of real estate görüştürülür talipliler. Please contact us for any questions.

Marmaris,Sogut Village

Sogut Village is 45 km from Marmaris. The village is located at the end bozburun peninsula. One km south there are historical artifacts, too. Thyssanos residues in this region. In recent years, interest Söğüy 2007 census, the village has been observed in 2500.

Drink water system in the village and a post office agency, ADSL Internet, the first school, electricity, fixed telephone and there is a mosque. Sogut Village is in the family medicine. Nurse midwife, the doctor on duty. Commercial shipyard in life; Thyme, carob, honey, sage, figs are selling. There is full access to the village of Sogut Village hourly from Marmaris. Especially in the summer on the beach and fish restaurants are famous.

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