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Gonenc Real Estate propety for sale located in Marmaris Turkey since 1994.


Gonenc Real Estate property for sale located in Marmaris Turkey since 1994. In Marmaris, the prices of the houses with two rooms and one living room prices are between £ 45.000 - 65.000 for 65 - 90 sqm. The asking prices start from £ 65.000 to 90.000 for 3 room houses. However: the houses with 1 room and 2 living rooms and nearly 40-60m2 which are preferred by the families for using as a lodge for a short time are between £ 30.000 and 45.000. Detached villa costs are between 2 80.000 and 150.000. This style of house is preferred by the families that plan to live for the whole year.  Villas start to form nearly £ 150.000 according to their length and capacity.

2018 Price Tags

Housing prices for sale in Marmaris and its surroundings are 450.000-TL plus or minus for 2 + 1 brand new apartments. Again 3 + 1 zero dwellings are at 850.000-TL levels. Sales Price Parameters can be seen to change according to prices for sea viewed homes, residences, such as position quality.

Prices 2019

The rise in loan rates is seen in the fall in demand. The supply is conserving in second-hand homes cost effects in new buildings Let us state that 2 + 1 flats carry a level of 45-70,000-£.

2020 Turkey Real Estate Industry

The start was pretty good. Buy-after-home marketing models of companies, the state's housing account application, the fall in loan interest rates, increased sales volume. However, at the beginning of March, Covid-19 upset all economic and social balances. In the following period, housing sales increased due to the historical decline in housing loan interest rates. But the increase in interest rates again ended this period.


The outbreak issue will be resolved. It is expected that the establishment of a new equilibrium in the world and Turkey. Expectations are forming for the end of the second quarter.

Gonenc Real Estate

Our company has been serving in the real estate sector for over 27 years. Marmaris Gonenc Real Estate offers investment properties for sale in sought of Turkey. Registrations are renewed regularly. Thus we present the right information in an up-to-date manner. Please forward your requests. Our articles about the real estate sector are in the archives category of our site in much more detail. It is possible to follow our company announcements from blog news sites and smartphones.

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