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Gonenc Real Estate services propety for sale in Marmaris Turkey


Our company which is located in the same address in Marmaris for over 27  years, makes teamwork that consists of the experts on the status of contractual partnership instead of establishing a branch office. This teamwork is aimed to be a basis for our franchising organization. Thus, we have the possibility of serving healthily also out of Marmaris.

Our main activity subject is property consultancy. With the experience of years, we display activity especially on the consultancy on property. References and methods of working always have provided us with new chances throughout the years.

Our Service Data

Protocol of sale
Lease arrangement
Property consultancy foundation
Registry pursuit works
Property expertise
Position finding works
Arranging a present map
Feasibility report.

For the subjects on works of after-sale, insurance, electricity subscription, water subscription, property declaration arrangement, and delivery to related services are done by us without payment for the properties that are sold. The most important thing is ensuring purchase and sale activities absolutely from the beginning to the end after the sale.