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The modern village house in Akçapınar with private garden in Muğla Ula was presented to the real estate market by Gönenç Real Estate Company.


Village House for Sale

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Property Details

Detached House For Sale

Stone house for sale with private garden in Akçapınar was presented to the real estate market by Gönenç Real Estate Company located in Muğla Marmaris. In a very decent location in the forest, the houses made of stone houses are for sale in the boutique site realized by the brand project. Life has begun in the houses built with the harmony of stone and wood, quality workmanship and materials.

House Features

It is a house with a condominium established and suitable for housing loan conditions. It has a 300 square meter garden. The stone house has a gross usage area of ​​130m2 consisting of a room, a living room, a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen. The net size is 90 square meters. If desired, a conversion suitable for 2 + 1 use can be provided. The fireplace is active. The project in the boutique site style consisting of detached stone houses has just been completed. Parking has security. The most important feature of stone houses is that they have insulation against dampness and cold in winter. In the summer, the coolness of the house means that it provides a special climate.

The village is now a neighbourhood

Akçapınar Village became a neighbourhood with the law numbered 6360. Villages with a registered population of 500 or more were included in the neighbourhood administration system, according to the population information of residence address registration. Let us note here that in the 2012 census, it was recorded that the number exceeded 561 individuals. For the Municipality and the Land Registry Office, service is taken from the Ula District. As a matter of fact, Muğla Metropolitan City is within the jurisdiction of the municipality. The altitude is considered to be 20 meters above sea level. But; For dwellings built on the slope, higher altitude seems likely.

Ula Akçapınar

Note that the Digital Postcode is 48640. The village house for sale in Akçapınar is very easy to reach. Region aerial photograph records are located in the archives of the state-related institution. In cadastral works, real estates are determined to the last position by aerial photographs. We know that work has been done to prevent illegal construction and to ensure the correct implementation of the zoning peace law. There is a tracking system. For Akçapınar, which is 42 kilometres away from Muğla city centre, the distances to other residential areas are; Şirinköy (former Çanakçı Village) is 2km, Akyaka 4km, Çıtlık 5km. You can reach the journey of 15-20 minutes from the centre of Marmaris by a 25-kilometre road. It should be noted that Ula is 30km and the distance to Dalaman Airport is 63km.

The village of Storks

As part of the UNESCO organization, the " Bio-Gokova Project" supported by the Protect Nature Fund" made the name of the village known to the world. The success of the " Akçapınar Leylek Village" project made a splash around the world. Every year in March, the storks come here to mate and return for their nests. The nests built according to the project protected the storks, whose extinction was declining. It is pleasing to see the number increase with successful work. This place continues to host its guests who love the natural beauty of the region, as is the case with the storks that come again every year. For this reason, rental houses and apart-hotels in the village also offer active service. As a result of successful zoning studies, it is observed that modern houses in harmony with nature are built and are increasing gradually. The house for sale is located in the centre, close to the road with trees. Passengers have frequented by the famous toast-house and wood-fired food restaurants serving home-cooked meals.

Consulting firm

Gönenç Real Estate Company has been serving since 1994 around Muğla. The commercial life that lived a quarter-century ago has evolved today and necessitates the use of new trade rules and methods. Everything develops in the digital marketing consumption activity axis. Now over 90% of those looking for homes for sale collect information before going to real estate offices. Today, when it is very easy to access information, it is seen that the consumer is more conscious. As a matter of fact, those who receive consultant support make quick decisions at least by knowing what they want. Using strategic planning and digital marketing methods, our company continues to work to sell the property in value and to offer what they want to the seekers. Please report your requests and questions about the village house for sale in Gokova Akçapınar.

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