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Apartment for rent in Marmaris

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Property Details

Marmaris Rental Properties

This house is rented. Property for rent located in Marmaris Siteler. Three-floor apartment facing two sides to the road. The distance to the beach is only 150 meters. It is close to the shopping center. The little bus station is 50 meters from an apartment.

Features of the apartment

Marmaris Siteler neighborhood Rent apartment consists of a steel door at the entrance, a large living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet, and a balcony with BBQ. The windows are double glazed, the windows system, the renovated kitchen, plasterboard, and it is a 90 sqm apartment. The bathroom toilet has been completely rebuilt. Shower cabin, Hilton sink. The living room and two bedrooms are made of parquet. There are a total of six flats in the apartment. It is possible to see the house or get more information by phone upon appointment.

Contract Conditions

Monthly regular payment is essential. A deposit of 250- £ is paid upon first entry. Suitable for families who want a long-term contract. If a mutual agreement is reached, the contract is extended by adding a raise to the monthly payment equal to the annual average rate of the CPI Consumer Index. In accordance with the usage rules, an electricity and water subscription will be made on behalf of the tenant. The user pays the subscription expenses. DASK and EKB (Energy Identity Certificate) required for the subscription will be delivered to the owner. Ideal apartment for officer petty officers, bankers, retirees, and teachers.

Gonenc Real Estate

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