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Third floor flat for rent located in center of the Marmaris.


Apartment For Rent in Sariana

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Property Details

Rental Property in Sarıana

Rented. Third floor flat for rent located in the centre of the Marmaris. It was hired. The contract has been made. If the contract period is not extended, the announcement is activated. Muğla Marmaris Sarıana Location rental flat will be given by our company on an annual contract. Close to the marina, school, shopping centre, bazaar and entertainment venues, the apartment is located on the third floor of the three-storey apartment building. The house, which is ready for use will rent for contracted with monthly payment. Since there is a vending machine in the apartment, there is front security for only the key owner to enter. The apartment for rent has an entrance and floor to ceiling fixed coat rack. There is an American kitchen in the living room. Since the exit to the balcony is closed with a glass frame, the area used in summer and winter has been gained. Two bedrooms are large and useful. Fixed cupboards are left for use in one of the rooms. It should also be noted that there is a french balcony overlooking the back garden from the bedroom.

Contract Conditions

Families are preferred. A one-year contract is issued. A commitment to evacuate is requested from the notary. Electricity and water subscriptions belong to the user. DASK makes the policy to be the property owner in order to be able to make these applications. Delivery of the house is made with a report. It is essential that the house is delivered as it is received. The two-month payment fee is deposited into the deposit joint account. The deposit can only be withdrawn by double signature or court order. The immovable property must make full monthly payments on time. In the case of early release, the property owner has to make payments for the remaining lease period until the end of the contract. The contract can be extended as long as the agreement is reached.

Prices Are Rising

What happened in the real estate market the last three to four years so fast. The prices have risen so much. Ten years ago, during this period, there was very easy to find a house for rent. Today, the questions starting with who the customer is, what is his income, what does he do, ask for questions Because there is a chronic decrease in housing supply. New residences can only be built through urban transformation. There is no land left to build, let us state that this is the most important reason for expensive prices.

Our company

Our company, which was established on 01.01.1994, provides professional real estate consultancy services. Muğla Marmaris surroundings offer flats, houses and land, villa, island, village houses, hotel real estate advertisements. Our active activity continues without ever since its establishment. Leave your request if you cannot find the apartment for rent in our portfolio. You will be contacted when the new suitable rental house is available and you will earn a priority advantage. Consulting saves.

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