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Marmaris apartments for rent and a fully renovated house located 200 meters from the beach are recommended.


Apartment For Rent lin Marmaris

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Property Details

Turkey Marmaris

Muğla Marmaris apartments for rent and a fully renovated house located 200 meters from the beach are recommended. Features include an anteroom, a large living room with sunlight, a veranda in front of it, a zero-position bathroom, a second toilet, a closed kitchen, three bedrooms, and 170 square meters. It is noteworthy that it is a flat house consisting of a private garden only for the apartment. All exterior windows of the house, located on the high ground first floor of the four-storey apartment building, are provided with a security facility with decorative iron.

Flat Features

Flats for rent apartments are close to the market, beach, minibus stop, school, and shopping centre. The woodwork is polished and the house is completely painted. Hot water is used with the newly purchased Arcelik Brand electric boiler. Cornices are available for the curtain. The electricity, water system and fixtures of the house were also newly built. The new user can settle only after the last cleaning. Since the apartment is one on each floor, a total of five families live. There is a vending machine at the entrance door. Garden, apartment, single-storey, front road, 3 + 1 apartment is a difficult house to find close to the sea. In addition, a long-term contract for housing is expected.

Marmaris Houses

Muğla Marmaris for rent apartments, houses, contract conditions and detached house villa type real estate information is presented by our company. Sites for rent are shown by the official from the head office of our company upon appointment. In terms of profile, a family without a crowd, preferably without children, is considered. It is essential to make regular monthly payments on the day. Professionals, officers, bankers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and so on will be preferred. Monthly regular payment is requested. In accordance with the regulation that regulates the method of use, electricity and water subscription will be made on behalf of the user. A one-year contract is issued. If the parties agree, the contract period can be extended. Marmaris apartments for rent houses housing announcement information is presented to the real estate sector by our company.

Real Estate Agent

Our company, which was established in 1994, provides services for renting houses as well as real estate for sale. In recent years, it has become more and more difficult to find housing for various reasons. even in the afternoon when an apartment is vacated, it is seen that there are new settlers on the same day. The market is experiencing quite a fast activity. Prices are constantly rising in an unstoppable way. Although contracts are usually arranged for one year, it is possible to extend the contracts upon reaching an agreement. If you notify our company of your requests, you will be contacted before starting the marketing work about new future houses. You will have priority to obtain information.

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