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Marmaris Gonenc real estate has offered for sale duplex apartment with swimming pool located in site.


Duplex Flat For Sale in Armutalan

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Property Details

House For Sale In Marmaris

Armutalan House For Sale In Muğla Marmaris Real Estate sector, a duplex flat has been put up for sale as a house for sale opportunity in Armutalan in a complex with swimming pool. Trading taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer and seller are negotiated on the selling price. The residence has been renovated and renovated. The floor of the living room with a fireplace is made of solid marble. Armutalan house for sale is open on three sides, sunny, easy to access, useful. There is a landing at the entrance of the house. It has an entrance hall, a large living room and a separate kitchen. There is a large balcony with a magnificent view from the living room. In the duplex apartment with a marble staircase, the landing on the other floor is spacious. Three bedrooms were temporarily converted into two bedrooms for larger use at the request of the owner. There is a double bathroom toilet. On this floor, the exit to both balconies facing the front and the side is useful.

Other Features

The property is suitable for various uses. Laundry drying is functional, similar to the use of large balconies. The most important advantage is the feature of not climbing stairs with a high number of steps on the site. The residence is easily accessible. The roof is insulated. Insulated glass is used in window systems. The solar energy system is active on the roof. Economical hot water usage advantage is provided. Due to the large number of residences, the site fee is announced by the site management every year, with a reasonable amount of sharing per residence. Payment is made to the management account. Environmental cleaning, garden maintenance, lighting, care of flowers, arrangement, etc. are all paid for by subsidies.

House For Sale Opportunity

The property is close to the main street and minibus route from both sides. In summer and winter, the shuttle bus operates with a ring system every fifteen minutes. Since it complies with the housing loan criteria, this opportunity can be used in the purchase process. The residence is privately owned. By making an appointment, the real estate is shown on site by the owner and his authorized representative. The basic needs for its use have been met, and the luminaires, electrical lines, sockets, switches are in compliance with the standards. It is the attractiveness of the potential house with its features that will provide profit in terms of investment. The house for sale is usable without any expense. The new owners can make any changes they want according to their wishes. It has advantages such as affordable, useful, swimming pool, super view compared to market rates. For this reason, it is recommended as one of the opportunity advertisements recommended by us.

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