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Marmaris Gonenc real estate has offered for sale duplex apartment with swimming pool located in site.


Duplex Flat For Sale in Armutalan

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House For Sale By Owner

Marmaris Gonenc real estate has offered for sale a duplex apartment with a swimming pool located on the site. Apartment for sale in Armutalan, open on three sides, the Sun's field, easily accessible on the front patio, entrance, The entrance of housing has a spacious living room, separate kitchen with honed skills. House has a large balcony. Made out of wood, varnished with a ladder leading up the second floor has two bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet, a balcony on the front side and the backside.

The terrace of the house has air conditioning, floor, suitable for various BBQ, a sunbathing area, etc due to functional. The most important advantage for the apartment for sale Armutalan Court vested with; due to the precedent others license that can be imported, the ability to build a rig more than the two-bedroom terrace. The roof is allowed. This is important due to the advantage of the House it is possible to have a four-bedroom home.

Litlebus station is close to the property. Every fifteen minutes in the summer and winter periods has a ring system. The mortgage loan purchase process for this instrument is appropriate criteria that can be used. By appointment, our company is represented by the House. Secure shopping, suitors are available mutual call the landlord. According to the buyer's wishes can be made to enjoy the renovations. Home can also be used without any charges. The market requires affordability, according to usage. 

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