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Furnished apartmet flat for rent located in center of the Marmaris.


Furnished Property For Rent in Marmaris

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Property Details

Furnished Housing For Rent

Rented. Housing in a furnished family apartment for rent in Marmaris Center, 350 meters from the beach, close to the bazaar. The rental house, located on the third floor of the five-storey apartment is facing the road and has the feature of getting sun all day long. Entrance, separate kitchen, bathroom, toilet, large balcony, spacious living room facing the road, sound-heat-insulated exterior joinery, cabinets, and white goods ready-to-use rental property. There are two bedrooms. The furnished rental house has been completely new painted and whitewash.

Common Area Usage

A monthly fee of 20 TL is paid per flat for the purpose of cleaning the stairs and the electric vending machine fee in the apartment. In accordance with the apartment management practice determined by the floor ownership law numbered 634, the dues are paid to the manager against a receipt. Thus; The validity of the rules determined for the use of common areas and living together are included in the contract. Despite the tenant's annual lease, the property owner has been given the opportunity to terminate the contract with one month's notice.

Rental Conditions

Near the house, there is a street with a minibus route and markets for daily shopping. 300 meters from the square. We are looking for referenced Turkish tenants. Officers, bank employees, teachers, retirees, and public officials will be preferred. There is no bargain on the price. 2500-TL deposit + commission fee including VAT and the balance payments are paid to the bank account of the property owner. Contact us please for further information.

Renting A House

Muğla Marmaris rental houses and rented furnished apartments and Gönenç Emlak home rental real estate information are given. Marmaris rental house has been experiencing a contraction in supply in recent years. Unfortunately, since the demand is difficult to meet, rental prices are increasing. In addition to the increase in prices, the demands for the tenant profile are decisive. Delays in rent payments, non-payment on the due date, sloppy use of the house, and the common attitude that can be called acting in accordance with the terms of the contract in terms of rental prices, highlighted the profile of the tenant before the rent price in the owners of the houses.

Housing Market

For houses offered to the middle-income level; Officer, non-commissioned officer, teacher, retired, banker-type tenant candidates are popular. High deposit, electricity, and water subscriptions on behalf of the tenant, and guarantor requests are now widely sought. The slowness of implementation of our laws causes increasing victimization. For all these reasons, the troubles waiting for the tenants and the fears of the property owners cannot be eliminated. The intensification of the housing deficit has a direct impact on the growth of the day-to-day problem for house rentals. Marmaris rental houses as well as apartments, detached houses, village houses, and real estate advertisements are updated and published on our site.

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