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Gönenç Real Estate has announced to the market about the lands for sale in Muğla Marmaris Selimiye as attractive opportunities for investor


Land For Sale Located in Selimiye

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Land for Sale in Selimiye

Gönenç Real Estate Company has announced to market of the lands for sale in the Muğla Marmaris Selimiye neighborhood as attractive opportunities for investors. It has the characteristics of the field, which is shared by the same family members and the decision to sell together. Selimiye land for sale is 5.007m2 and 65 meters away from Cadastre Road. The distance from the bird's cliff to the sea has been determined as 1.490m. It can be taken for investment purposes. Almond, pomegranate, and olive trees can be grown. A beehive can be put. It is suitable for the purpose of evaluating the usage, such as agriculture until the reconstruction works are completed. A sea view is available.

Zoning Plans

Last-Term: Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has been the administration system. Selimiye Village has a population of 500 and over. It is responsible for zooming plans in Marmaris Municipality. In the region, which is subject to the Datça Bozburun Plan Provisions, the 1 / 25.000 scale Revision Development Plan is in force. Permits such as construction licenses, building permits, etc. are issued by Marmaris Municipality as a result of control. The municipality can make zoning plans, make plans by opening the tender and getting zoning work with the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality. The laws and regulations enacted so far are evaluated together with the plans as a whole.

Reconstruction History

First-Term: Sales were made in the region in the 1980s with certificates. It does not mean ownership. It only determines the rights to use the land and is covered by inheritance law. There were also transitions from the pre-republic title deeds. Cadastral work has begun and the activity continued for today's modern plots and location determinations. Because the determination of the boundaries in the cadastral deed was quite ambiguous and mixed. As a matter of fact, boundaries were determined by place and quantity determination cases and by court decisions. Zoning works and construction licenses were granted if deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Public Works of Muğla Directorate of Construction and Settlement.

Second Term:  In 2008, the Muğla Special Provincial Administration Directorate issued the Transition Period Building Conditions Regulation, which consists of 18 items. The parcels in accordance with the criteria determined by the regulation rose to the zoned land position. The parcels located in the village settlement area larger than 400m2, if there is a border to the cadastral road, have gained the construction or residence hotel permission. The lands within the scope of the village development area have the same right if it has 5.000m2 or more parcel and it has a 25-meter frontage to the cadastral road. But; The name of the transition period building conditions regulation ended after the local elections. The authority was also given to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Land Investments

It is possible to evaluate the milestones experienced in the 30-year development history in three sections. Due to the unique characteristics of each period, opportunities were given to the investors generously. Today, opportunities continue. The investor makes an attempt to make a profit. The main axis of motivation is supported by the urge to profit. Prospects occur for profit and market prices. Valuation of real estate and return on investment is foreseen. The investor has a risk for profit. The greater the risk, the greater the profit.

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