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Sea viewed plot of land is for sale in Selimiye Marmaris Mugla.


Muğla Selimiye Land Is For Sale

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Property Details

Selimiye Marmaris

A sea-viewed plot of land is for sale in Selimiye Marmaris Mugla. The distance to Marmaris is 40 km. This plot has legal building permission. It faces the sea on one side and the main road on the other side. Please contact us for further information.

General Features

Before coming to the village entrance, there is real estate for sale on the right side of the complex with a seafront view on the other side of the street. The plot, which is subject to the provisions of the Datça Bozburun plan, is outside the village residential area. It has a surface area of ​​over 5000 sqm. Distance from the sea is 100m. It is suitable for the construction of a two-story house which is sitting on the 85m2 basin. The parcel is displayed by the Gönenç Real Estate Company official.

New Zoning Plan

Mugla Province Special Provincial Administration The Ministry of Construction and Urban Improvement can obtain the zoning status document from the Municipality of Marmaris about the status of pre-sale reconstruction. Muğla Provincial Directorate of Special Provincial Administrations has been closed because it was declared as the Municipality of Great City. Before purchasing the land, it is recommended that the location of the land surveying by the Map Engineer be known precisely. Safe shopping is a reciprocal way of seeing the buyer.

Reconstruction Studies

This document is issued by Marmaris Municipality. In the last 29 years, Selimiye has been working with the  Provincial Reconstruction Office of the Ministry of Public Works. In 2008, the Muğla Provincial Directorate of Special Administrations was commissioned. Especially G.D.Y.K. that is, by the regulation of Transitional Rebuilding Conditions. In the period up to the March 30th Local Elections, legal destructions and rapid legal restructuring are observed. Then Selimiye was removed from the village status and became a Neighborhood. 1 / 25.000 scale Revision Construction Plan approved. Datça Bozburun, which is attached to the Plan Provisions of Selimiye'nin zoning studies, the current plan provisions 

Zoning Status Certificate

We frequently recommend from our papers. If you have parcels for sale, if you want to sell them, it is useful to make a zoning document. In the license of your vehicle, the vehicle is specified with which features it has. This document gives you all the information about the property you own.  Is there a cadastral route? Is it under construction? Is he staying at the site? Will there be a dwelling construction? You will receive answers to these questions in this paper.

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