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Land for sale located in Marmaris Çamlı is marketed by Gönenç Real Estate Company as an opportunity for investors with its big sqm close to the road.


Plot for sale in Camlı Village

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Plot For Sale

Land for sale located in Marmaris Çamlı is marketed by Gonenc Real Estate Company as an opportunity for investors with its big sqm close to the road. It is advantageous to have a large quantity of parcels located on the road to Sedir Island. It should be noted that there are significant attractions in terms of price. Today the most economical land prices start from 150-160.000-TL. From this point of view, it is understood that there is a significant discount in the sale price of the parcel. Snow and loss are said to be twin brothers. The higher the risk factor, the greater the potential of the profit margin. When the cadatro path is opened, the land will show two to three times the price value jump. As there is an expectation, today's price levels are being discussed. Moreover, the price of land for sale in Çamlı is offered for a certain time with the dumping price tag.


After the local elections of March 30, 2014, Muğla Province became the municipality. Since the resident population based on the address is over 500 people, the neighborhood of Çamlı Village was built. It is a 15-20 minute drive from Camli Marmaris. The neighborhood has electricity, water system and telephone and internet infrastructure. Cleopatra beach, Sedir island, Boncuk Bay are some of the major tourist attractions. Çamlı Mahallesi, which is an attraction area for local and foreign tourists, attracts attention with its local breakfast and local dishes.

Gonenc Real Estate

Development works are developing rapidly. During the period when Muğla Provincial Special Administration Directorate was authorized, it was observed that legal structures and sites were built. Uncertainties disappeared when Datça Bozburun 1 / 25.000 scale Revision Plan was approved. 1/500 scale reconstruction works are expected. It is possible to live peaceful village life with today's comfort. The provisions of the Datça Bozburun Plan cover the Çamlı District. In general, it may be possible to construct legal structures for the parcels facing the cadastral road.

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