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100 sqm rental shop is located in center of the Marmaris.


Rental Shop in Marmaris

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Property Details

Property For Rent

It has been rented out, but since the contract will be leased again when the contract is over, the advertisement has been left on the air. It will be leased again at the end of the contract. 100 sqm rental shop is located in the centre of the Marmaris. It is facing the beach. The distance to the main street is 100m. It is close to the shopping centre. Property size is 100 sqm. It has commercial permission.

Seafront Office For Rent

The ideal rental place for a seafront restaurant cafe bar in Marmaris Long Yali. The front of the workplace has a wide usage area. Private property for rent with no license issues, in a valuable location where the walking path is busy and it is possible to provide service all day long by placing 50 sun loungers on the beach.

Apart from the restaurant, it is possible to rent the shop for many years by renewing the rental contract every year, in a condition suitable for agency and similar various business lines. In addition, if it is desired to be rented together with the upper floor, it is possible, and an additional payment is requested for the rent. It is possible to rent the shop only. The basement floor is not available for rent. The real estate location is done by the representative of our company. There is no problem with the license. Please contact our Company office for your questions about this real estate. Please let us know if you have any requests for rental flats for sale and residential land. Our portfolio contains information about other rental businesses. take advantage. Consulting pays off.

Rental Conditions

The duration of the contract will be determined upon mutual agreement of the parties. Rental payment is considered annually in advance. However, different options are open to negotiation upon proposal. Since it is forbidden to take money from hand as per the law, the rent is paid to the bank account of the property owner. In accordance with the usage procedure law, the tenant is obliged to take the electricity and water subscriptions on himself. Subscription expenses belong to the tenant. However, the owner of the property will pay the cost of Dask compulsory earthquake insurance. As long as the parties mutually agree, the contract period can be extended. The rental amount is net and the withholding tax belongs to the tenant. The workplace cannot be partially or completely transferred to another person without the permission of the owner.

Marmaris Gonenc Real Estate Consulting

Our company was established in 1994 in Marmaris Center. Our company website has gone through various stages since 1994 and our official website, which you follow, has been active since 2007. Our interactive site is a platform where buyers and sellers meet. Please submit your requests. Consulting pays off.

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