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Planned plot of Land for sale located in Selimiye Village in Turkey.


Sea Viewed Plot of Land For Sale

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Selimiye Marmaris

The planned plot of Land for sale is located in Selimiye Village in Turkey. Sea-viewed land is facing to sea and forest. The property has not been built permission yet. Preparing 1/5000 scaled plans can provide new developments. If this expectation is realized, a very significant profit can be realized. 

Marmaris is 45 minutes by car away from the village of Selimiye, remaining within the urban area, the road to claiming the front and back sides to the border with dual front real estate. Located within 100 meters of the sea towing, construction boosted the value of the property. Detailed information and please call for more photos. The property is shown by our officer on-site. Please, let your requests for sale for rent apartment hotel housing plot.

Gonenc Real Estate

Established on 01.01.1994, our company has been carrying out real estate marketing work in the Selimiye real estate market since its establishment. In the first period, the transfer of land use rights was carried out with the local manager (Muhtar)certificate. As a result of the development of the cadastral activity, official title deeds were given to their owners. This process has been completed, except for some disputed places. Real estate for sale information in our portfolio is updated regularly. The latest real estate for sale published on our site for opportunities are announced through our social media accounts. Company news is explained on the subject by sites and blogs. It is recommended to follow us.

Real Estate Investment

Investors have insight into the future of the industry. In fact, they have the investment not in real estate, but in expectations about the future. Gold, foreign exchange, and stock exchange are the most known investment areas. However, investment in real estate at the right time and place is the forerunner of the most profitable tools. If you keep it in your deposit account to protect your money, you can only protect its value against inflation. However, you may be able to earn guaranteed income by purchasing land, fields, residences, and places of business. You can take a step forward in risk management by getting professional support from an expert advisor in this field.


* 37km from Marmaris 
* 70km Dalyan (Caunos-Turtle Beach)
* 90km  Dalaman Airport
* 140km  Bodrum Airport
* 250km Izmir
* 225km Pamukkale (Cotton Castle)

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