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Investment opportunities property for sale located in Beldibi Marmaris of Turkey by Gonenc Real Estate.


Turkey Apartment For Sale

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Property Details

Beldibi Apartment

Sold. Gonenc Real Estate offers apartments for sale in 212 duplex houses complex located in Turkey. Built as cooperation. As per the agreement, the interiors of the houses were unfinished and delivered to the owners like that. The reason for this is to let the owners design the interior for their own pleasure. That's why all the measurements and plans of the houses are the same but the interior designs are different.

Features Of Apartment

For example, in the living room floor is; marble, parquet, or square floor tile. In the kitchen and in the toilet; the paint, quality, and designs are different. Some of the houses have fireplaces, some have a central heating system. That's why the costs are different. There are some houses whose interior designs have been finished and some unfinished. The other subject of the cost difference is the position of locations. Some of them are; facing the pool, the sea, the forest, or no view. There are pounds; 200 due to be paid every month to the management of the cooperative till the end of the year. After that, the land register will be provided. The sales procedure will be as a share transfer. Investment opportunities property for sale located in Beldibi Marmaris of Turkey by Gonenc Real Estate. This property is exactly decorated.No more spend money for decoration.

Joint Use And Transportation

In terms of transportation, there are regular minibusses every hour. It is easily accessible to the center, shopping places, and the beach. The security service provided on the site, the arrangement of the garden, and the maintenance and repair of the swimming pool are carried out by the technical service team affiliated with the management. Expenses including security lighting, care of flowers, salaries, and insurance premiums of working personnel are covered by dues. Housing owners pay the annual subscription fee to the site management account. The number of expenses incurred and the income statement are declared to the members. These payments also cover the expenses of condominium ownership transactions. Payments are made with dues, services are purchased on the site and order is provided. For the summer house, the sale is without any problem and the condominium facility has been realized in the title deeds. For rare residences whose application has not been completed, sales can be made with a share transfer agreement. Sales can be made directly from the title deed by covering the cost.

Consulting Firm

Our company was founded in 1994. We have been providing professional real estate consultancy services since its establishment. Our service area is Fethiye, Datca coastal zone. In general, we carry out land marketing activities in the touristic areas around Muğla, suitable for housing and investment. You can follow us for our opportunities and real estate advertisements on our social media accounts. Information about real estate for sale in our portfolio is updated periodically. We attach importance to the content to be original, rich, comprehensive, and up-to-date. With the sudden fluctuations in foreign currency, real estate prices are adjusted when property owners send a request for regulation.

If the real estate consultancy company sells the real estate, it is entitled to a service fee. For this reason, it cannot have any effect on the rise and fluctuation of prices. The reflection of market movements on prices is related to the general structure of the economy. But there are always opportunities. It is recommended that you follow the opportunities offered on our site or use the free subscription system for the newsletter at the bottom right of the page. Legal Notice: All rights of our published articles belong to our company. It cannot be used even if a link is given by quoting partially or completely. Beldibi house for sale is in the class of residences recommended by our company. Suitable for credit use.

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