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Near to Marmaris Castle villa is for sale in yacht marina by Gonenc Real Estate.


Turkish Property For Rent

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Villa For Rent In Marmaris

Sea-viewed flat for rent in Marmaris. It has two bedrooms, a spacious lounge, a bathroom, an in-fitted on-plan kitchen, and a balcony. Detached house for rent in the center, a stone structure for the enthusiast, completely renovated three years ago. The windows of the house are made of PVC systems, double glazing, steel doors, and decorative iron doors and windows with bay windows. The floor is the first-class tile, and the stairs to the upper floor have handrails. Double-sided detached house to the road, 30m from the sea. There are two bedrooms and a large entrance hall on the upper floor. The bathroom has a shower cabin. The ceilings are made of wood in accordance with the local architecture. The open kitchen has been designed useful. The entire electricity and water system of the house has been renewed.

Rental Condition

An annual lease contract will be arranged by paying a six-month down payment, a monthly deposit as much as the rental amount, and the same amount of consultancy service fee against the invoice including VAT. Water and electricity subscription is made on behalf of the tenant, the expenses belong to him.

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Near Marmaris Castle villa is for rent in the yacht marina by Gonenc Real Estate. Please contact us for further information.

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