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Located in a land of 5630 sqm Muğla Marmaris Bayır village house for sale was offered to the real estate market by Gonenç Real Estate Company.


Village House For Sale in Turkey

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Property Details

Village House

Located in a land of 5630 sqm Muğla Marmaris Bayır village house for sale was offered to the real estate market by Gonenç Real Estate Company. Plot is 2,400 meters from the Farm Bay. It can be reached from Marmaris by car in 30-40 minutes. The parcel located in the cadastral border registered road is suitable for agriculture. Can be used for various purposes. For example, beekeeping, roasting poultry farm, organic agricultural products are ideal for business lines. The parcel has a house registered in the deed. Restoration can be renewed. Construction registration application was made within the scope of reconstruction peace. There is no harm in connecting to electric and water network. It should be noted that the premium potential in terms of investment value is high.

Zonning Plan

In general terms, the provisions of Datça Bozburun Plan apply. During his years as a village, Muğla Provincial Directorate of Reconstruction was authorized in the construction permit and cadastral works. It was then attached to the Municipality by the local government law. In 2008, the Directorate of Special Provincial Administration. The land in accordance with the Transition Period Settlement Conditions criteria was granted land status. It is seen that construction has accelerated in this period.

However, after the elections on 30 March, Muğla as the Big City Municipality, Bayır was connected to Marmaris Municipality. The population of the inhabitants if has been the 500 inhabitants and above was the named neighborhood system.. Generally, the building permit is given to the parcels of minimum 400m2 and above which have a frontier boundary to the cadastral road. However, just the way is not enough criteria. Plot must be out of D.K.K.A. area.  The scope of the site, and so on are indispensable conditions to be excluded. Land has technically already registered legal housing for the parcel.

Bayır Neighborhood

You will encounter artifacts wherever you go around to the Muğla with its historical depth. Bayır was founded on the ancient city of Syrna. It is said that there is a temple dedicated to the god of health, Asklepios. The acropolis of the city is at Yancağız Tepe, 2000m away from the village. It can be reached by following the ancient stone road. The remains of grave stones, walls and structures can be seen.

Tourists, safari tours are frequented by Bayır 2000 years old is famous for the sycamore tree. The memorial tree is taken under protection. The olive oil plant on the road is operating with old technology. Honey with thyme and sage is appreciated. Commercial life is based on tourism and agriculture. According to the 2018 population records, Bayır Mahallesi is determined as 610 person.

Gonenc Real Estate

Since 1994, our company has been serving in the region. Opportunities for investors are offered to the real estate market by the company. Nowadays the investment option is quite wide. Financial sector; While offering funds, interest, foreign exchange instruments, stock market and gold options are important. Real estate is the most profitable investment tool. It gives you profit if the right choice. For this purpose, support should be obtained from the expert consultant. It is important to pay attention to some criteria. To investigate, collect, evaluate, analyze and reach the results have to aim. This is a laborious and time consuming task.  Requires the possession of material data for the future in land type real estates.

The higher the risk, the higher the gain. Expectations are priced. Reconstruction Plan has the potential of future land. But, what if it wouldn't be as expected? This is about the risk you will get at the decision stage. The ever-increasing population, the needs brought by time, increase the demand for real estate. For this reason, real estate investment are for investors. Our company offers hundreds of  property for sale advertisements in the region. The information is constantly updated by the expert team. Please send your requests and questions via our contact page.

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